November 10, 2009

Paul Hickey

'Weave #4'
Tennis Courts, Trinity College

Paul Hickey’s interventions brighten otherwise banal areas in the urban environment. Unexpected colour bursts challenge the viewer’s relationship with familiar surroundings and compel them to see it anew. His work also explores space and colour interaction as central sensuous elements. Previous works by the artist have been installed at a bus stop in Clare Hall and a phone box in Dun Laoghaire.

Speaking about his work he says, “Focusing on the correlation of the whole to its individual component pieces, I want my work to have a direct dialogue with the architecture and not to be confined by the picture plane but to fully discover architectural limits.”

For Preponderance of the Small, streams of Dulux paint swatches were woven between the railing of the Trinity College tennis courts adding colour to a quiet undiscovered area of the campus.

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