October 21, 2009

Hannah Breslin

'waiting for the happiness...'
Arts Building, Trinity College

Hannah's work, 'waiting for the happiness...', is made up many hundreds of tiny paper or acetate discs, upon each of which has been printed a single word. The discs are then assembled to spell out phrases or narratives. In this particular work, each component takes the form of a ring of these discs, each adhered to the walls or floors of the building in which it is situated.

During the installation, it became apparent that there was an almost performative aspect to the work. Hannah and her friend spent many hours quietly working with scalpels and tweezers as thousands of first year students rushed around the Arts Building concourse, as the installation took place during freshers week.

The 'undoing' of the floor based aspects of the work, as they are worn away and stick to peoples shoes, could also be seen as a kind of performance.

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