October 7, 2009

Beth O'Halloran

'Let's go home, little bear'
Blooming Amazing Flower Company, Royal Hibernian Way

Walk through the Royal Hibernian Way in the mornings and it’s not unusual to see a pigeon hanging around the door of Blooming Amazing.

Every morning Debbie places a bowl of seed outside just for this particular pigeon. She has named him Henry and he has been visiting the shop for two years. Henry has become so tame that he even comes inside the shop while the ladies are working away and if he is not outside the shop, he flies down from is perch immediately once he hears Debbie’s whistle.

When installing, Beth brought along four pigeons. The one that resembled Henry the most was included in her installation.

In addition to her photograph “Let’s go home, little bear”, Henry can be seen alongside various other woodland creatures throughout the shop.

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